A WALK detailing the rich history of Ayr will be restarting now that restrictions have eased.

Ayr in 90 Minutes will return on July 22, with a maximum of 15 people currently allowed on the walk at one time.

After being up and running for the past five years, the walk fell victim to coronavirus restrictions, despite it talking place exclusively outside.

It will now be returning to the streets of the town in a 90-minute session, with hopes of turning it back into a more regular event.

Ken Nairn, who organises the walk alongside Richard Devine, says he can’t wait to get back to it and start sharing the history of the town with people again.

He told the Advertiser: “It’s great to be going back to it, but we’re keen to make sure we do it safely. People have got a real love for learning about what goes on in their town and being able to share the stories with other people is what made these walks so great.

“Before COVID, we were able to get around 75 people out on the walks, so we want to make sure that everybody gets a chance to get back on them when we move forward with other plans.

“Ayr has got over 800 years of history to share, so it’s obviously not something we can work through in 90 minutes”.

Ken is also keen to ensure that all parts of the town’s history is remembered, and that the walks give people a place tog et outdoors and learn.

He added: “There is so much history, so it’s all about how you chose to try and connect that with people.

“We’ve got plans that we’re getting help from the council with for the future. But for now, I’m delighted at getting back out on the walks”.