A THUG with 54 previous convictions robbed a Farmfoods supermarket while clutching a sharp weapon.

Andrew Spooner stole the cash from the branch in Main Street, Ayr, on March 26, this year.

The 45-year-old demanded the money from shop assistant Liam Callow who was working in a checkout.

The High Court in Glasgow was told Spooner stated: “Do what I tell you or I will stick it in you.”

Spooner pled guilty today to assault and robbery.

The court heard Spooner approached Mr Callow’s till with eggs and tried to speak to him.

Prosecutor Kath Harper said: “Mr Callow was unable to decipher what Spooner was saying.

“Spooner produced a red handled item and presented it to Mr Callow who was unable to identify the item as it was clenched in his hand.

“Mr Callow presumed it to be a knife and heard the words ‘do what I tell you or I’ll stick it in you’.”

Spooner rushed Mr Callow who was having difficulty removing the money from the till.

Spooner said: “Remember what I told you” before leaving the shop.

Miss Harper told the court £440.70 was removed from the till.

Spooner was later traced and arrested.

John McElroy, defending, will make his plea in mitigation at next month’s sentencing.

Spooner was remanded in custody meantime.