A POP-UP shop will be appearing in Ayr this week to help out with families needing school clothes.

Being run as part of the Night Before Christmas Campaign, Baby To Teen will be hosting the pop-up at Lochside Church on Murray Street in Ayr on Thursday, July 22.

It will be held outside to keep in with regulations and will run between 12 and 2pm.

After having to cancel a similar event last week, this week it is being run in conjunction with South Ayrshire Foodbank, so people can pick up a collection of school clothes, as well as food supplies if they are needed.

Karen Watson, from Baby To Teen, will be running the pop-up and she says the demand for school clothing has been extraordinary this year.

She told the Advertiser: “We’ve had loads of people coming to us and asking if there would be school clothes available from our hub in Ayr.

“We decided we would run this pop-up to help with the demands of people and since we have put the message out on social media, the response has been incredible and we’ve been receiving donations from loads of places of all different kinds of school clothes. It’s totally up to everybody how much they want to pay, so it can be a donation or it can be free.

“We don’t have prices on anything but we do have everything from school shoes, to ties, trousers, skirts and loads of other stuff.

“It’s been quite an eye opener about how much people are struggling to get these school clothes, but I’m just happy we can help out

a number of these people.”

Karen has been struggling to find places where she could hold pop-up events across Ayr due to the need to do them outdoors.

However, they will be running a similar event from their hub in Ayr on July 31, as well as having a selection of second hand school clothing for sale in the hub at the moment.

Karen added: “We are just an arm of the Night Before Christmas Campaign and we want people to know that we’re there all year round to help.

“Every penny we make from this goes straight back into the campaign and means that we are able buy any other items that we are asked about.”

You can find more info on the Baby To Teen Facebook page.