Ayr United's official kit launch has taken a cute and fluffy twist.

After nine years of controversial, international infamy, the Ayr United kit launch is now truly going to the dogs.

TikTok stars Scottish-based huskies, who have over 185k followers, have taken over the modelling of the kit.

Kenny Dog-Leash and Paul Dogba are pictured looking like good boys in the famous black and white kit.

Ayr Advertiser: Kenny Dog-Leash & Paul DogbaKenny Dog-Leash & Paul Dogba

It marks the 10th anniversary of entrepreneur Calvin Ayre's partnership with The Honest Men.

This kit launch has prompted shirt maker, Hummel, to look into making replica dog shirts for the teams they sponsor globally.

European Marketing Director, Mark Hummels commented: “Fans are always wanting to show their true colours and the concept of walking the dog in your teams’ colours is something we will explore for sure.”

Ayr Advertiser: Good boysGood boys

Calvin Ayre wanted to wish The Honest Men good luck too, adding: “I love following Ayr United, its been a hell of a ride over the last decade with promotions, demotions and some Cup runs.

"I love the fact that Bitcoin SV, Bitcoins original protocol is on the shirts of the team where my ancestors came from, its been a great pleasure and privilege to support Super Ayr United!”.

Don't Kenny Dog-Leash and Paul Dogba look stunning?

Check them out on TikTok here.