A Maybole man harassed a vulnerable teenager with aggressive and abusive messages.

Robert Smith sent 17 voicemails and numerous Facebook messages to the 18-year-old man between September 2019 and January 2020.

The 43-year-old also followed the victim - who has the intellectual capability of an eight-year-old - back to his residence.

Smith, of Maybole, claimed he acted in the way he did “because he was a father.”

Smith pled guilty today at Glasgow Sheriff Court to behaving in a threatening or abusive manner.

The court heard the victim told workers at his support unit that he had been receiving trouble from a group of youths.

The man then revealed that Smith had been contacting him.

The unit received a call the following day from Smith asking if the man was okay.

Prosecutor Mark Allan said: “He stated that he met the man in Glasgow city centre.

“He said he was a father himself and just wanted to keep an eye on the man and support him.

“Smith was told the man was of their concern and not his.”

The hearing was told Smith showed up at the support unit “to make sure the man was safe” but was turned away by staff.

Smith called the unit again asking for the manager before making an allegation of sexual contact between staff and residents.

Mr Allan said: “Enquiries were made and 17 voicemails were found to be left on the man’s phone which were recovered.

“These were over the period of the charge.

“They were aggressive, using abusive language and swearing.

“As the messages go on there are repeated demands by Smith for contact with the man to return his calls.

“There were numerous Facebook messages by Smith for the man to contact him.”

A report to the police was made and an investigation was carried out.

Mr Allan added: “The man described him being harassed, as he put it, by Smith.

“He told police that he told Smith to go away and he didn’t go away.”

The man further stated that he blocked Smith from contacting him.

Smith was later arrested.

Mr Allan requested a non-harassment order to be granted which will be considered at next month’s sentencing by Sheriff Paul Crozier.

Smith was granted bail meantime pending background reports.