From disgusting dog mess to pothole palaver, it is fair to say residents across all council areas often have a problem or two to contend with.

When issues arise, it is best to report them to the council or whoever is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of roads, pavements and pathways in your local area.

Many do so but others sometimes take to websites such as FixMyStreet which sends the reported problem on to the relevant council on residents' behalf in the hope of having it seen to.

Honing in on Ayr and surrounding areas, here are eight problems that appear to be oustanding as reported by residents in the last few months.

'Deathtrap' potholes in Prestwick 

On Wednesday, July 14 a resident reported various potholes in Ardfin Road, Prestwick, and claimed that they are posing a danger to car and motorbike drivers. "The whole road is uneven and littered with potholes there is no way to avoid them no matter what direction you are going in", wrote the resident. "I am concerned it is damaging the suspension on my car as I have to navigate this deathtrap every day when leaving or retuning to my house", they continued. Have you experienced issues at this spot?

Road subsiding in Ayr

A local reported the 'dangerous' condition of a road, believed to be Mill Brae, on July 12. The individual wrote that two separate holes in the road have opened up, meaning 'severe damage' could be caused to a vehicle. They feared that the road 'could collapse completely'.

Mounds of rubbish and dog mess on Low Road

An Ayr resident has clearly had enough of the waste that they claim is being dumped on the road edges and pavements of Low Road. On June 16, the resident called for the road to be sweeped and cleaned due to mess that they claim has persisted for weeks. Around two weeks later, on June 28, the report was updated, urging the council to give a further deep clean of the street.

"Several weeks ago I brought the matter to your attention and very quickly you had kindly arranged for a council worker to manually clear up all the discarded litter and rubbish on Low Road as well as the cenotaph gardens (opposite Low Road)", they wrote.

"Unfortunately yet again there is litter, cans, broken glass, used Covid face masks lying around everywhere. Residents put bins out that are full and overflowing and litter ends up blowing up and down the street."

The local also raised another issue - the amount of dog poo that they claim can be seen all over the pavement, "especially bad from the top of James Brown Avenue all the way along to the shops on Main Road Whitletts." They urged the council to put down stencils on the road to deter dog owners from leaving their pet's mess in public.

Litter left at bus stop in Prestwick

At the bus stop near Monument Crescent, there was a report of litter stuffed behind the Virgin connection box and thrown into residents' gardens. The person who made the report suggested that a waste bin could be installed as they claimed it has been a 'long-sanding issue for some years'.

Pot holes and deteriorating road surfaces in Prestwick

Two reports have been made regarding the area around Kevoc Cottages. A resident wrote in this patch of road has been deteriorating over the past five years 'with zero maintenance'. The individual feared that it is now a danger to children as the road 'has no tarmac holding it together'. They urged the road between houses 1 to 7 and 2 to 8 to be resurfaced, particularly as it is a turning point for large delivery vans. The report was first made on June 2 and was updated on July 5 to say the problem had still not been fixed. 

Road sweeper needed in Ross Street

A resident in this street called for a road sweeper in the area due to the glass which they claim is on the road and pavements. They added that the rubbish at the kerb can only be lifted with a road sweeper. 

Rubbish bins needed in Ayr

Rubbish bins are needed and street cleaning need to attend School Gardens to lift glass as it is 'disgusting', reported one individual on May 17. The complaint was updated nearly a month later to say that the problem had still not been addressed. 'The council just don't listen we try to keep our street clean that's what we pay our council tax for', they said.

Another pothole in Prestwick

A 'nasty' pothole and crack in the road was reported around May time in Monument Crescent. The local said it required urgent repair. Is this near you? Is the pothole still posing issues?