A SINGER-SONGWRITER from the north-east of England surprised the manager of a Troon care home this week by serenading her during his Heroes of Lockdown tour.

Last year, Alistair Griffin performed in people’s back gardens and quirky outdoor spaces on his Tour of Social Distance.

This year, he’s doing the same – but this time, his musical adventure will take him to people who’ve gone the extra mile during the COVID crisis, as well as giving a lift to those who have been isolating for long periods.

Heading out on the road to play personal shows as a thank-you to key workers, NHS staff and heroes of lockdown, on Wednesday July 7, Alistair made his way to Scotland to play for care home manager Karen McGuffie, who’s worked long hours to protect residents.

Alistair, who hails from Castleton, North Yorkshire, said: “The pandemic has forced us to do things differently so I’ve invented what I call ‘wild gigging’ – popping up and playing shows in strange and spectacular places.

“And restrictions permitting, I still hope to get to Ireland to play for a lady called Margaret who’s battling cancer and inspired the tour.”

Keeping in with the Ayrshire theme, Alistair also called on key worker Stevie Bell to play for him and his wife in Kilwinning.

All Alistair’s shows will be broadcast live on Facebook throughout July, with fans helping power the tour through the virtual tip jar. and the artist is looking for sponsorship to help take the tour a little bit further, too.

He added: “I’ve had a big response to the tour and would love to take the tour further to play to as many people as possible, so if there’s a business out there who’d like to sponsor it, please drop me a message.”

For more information, go to www.facebook.com/alistairgriffin