St John’s Primary in Ayr finished fourth overall in the National Euroquiz finals.

The Scottish European Educational Trust (SEET) has been running the quiz for P6 pupils since 1993.

Euroquiz is an annual project open to all P6 pupils across Scotland, which sees teams of four working together to broaden their knowledge of the world.

Heats took place in local authorities from January to March, with the winning teams from all areas progressing to the National Euroquiz Final held in the Debating Chamber of the Scottish Parliament in June.

This year, however, they took place online. Pupils had to answer questions on geography, history and general knowledge as well as complete listening and reading tasks in German, Spanish, Italian and French.

Pictured left to right: Mrs Gray Head Teacher, Miss Casey P6 teacher, Mr Mullen P6 teacher. Pupils left to right: Lena Lelonkiewicz, Daniel Ramsay, Eilidh Connor and Malachy Mitchell.

Miss Casey said: “They have worked so hard and we are so proud of their dedication.”