Residents at Haven’s Craig Tara Holiday Park were given a shocking surprise when they found out they were without electricity for 12 hours over the weekend.

The outage began at around 3am on Sunday morning (July 11) and lasted until late afternoon before the park was able to get it up and running again.

The cause of the powercut has not yet been identified, but an investigation is underway to establish why the power went out in the first place, and to find out why it took 12 hours to get it back up and running whilst guests were left with depleted amenities.

Holidaymakers were left frustrated as the shortage meant they were unable to shower due to no heating for the water, and unable to use other electrical devices for half of the day.

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Some anxious English travellers were left wondering if the power would be back on in time to watch England’s Euro 2020 final match against Italy, which they later went on to lose on penalties.

One angry resident posted on social media: “l’m at Craig Tara holiday park where l woke up at 7am went to make a coffee but no electricity in the park, it is now five hours later and still nothing.

“It is an absolute disgrace especially with kids.”

Residents who were affected by the outage are being compensated by way of a £50 food and drink voucher or the price of Sunday’s stay reimbursed for the inconvenience.

A Haven spokesperson for Craig Tara said on Monday: “The cause of the power cut is currently being investigated and has yet to be determined.

"All guests on park received a £50 food and beverage voucher for the inconvenience caused, and any guests who left the park and returned home due to the disturbance have been credited the day’s stay to their holiday.”