Residents could be able to watch some council meetings online from August. 

The South Ayrshire Council leadership and regulatory panels will be webcast along with full council meetings.

The council has been conducting all meetings in private since March 2020 excluding the press and public.

It is now under pressure to invite people to view proceedings as the law, which allowed the public ban during the pandemic may lift in September. 

A report was presented to councillors giving an update on the progress with the webcasting system at a full council meeting recently, which was approved.

The report said: “The webcasting of fully remote meetings of leadership and council could begin after recess. The webcasting of physical meetings is subject to the successful installation of the physical hardware and cameras and the requirements of social distancing.”

The report warned if webcasting isn’t rolled out there is a risk the council may not be able to allow public access should temporary powers enabling exclusion cease on September 30.

Many councils in Scotland and across the UK have let people view meetings remotely.