A WOMAN living in Troon has said that the condition of her property is affecting her mental health.

Adele de Solla has been living in Troon and has been a tenant of Rentolease since 2016 and says the issues of dampness, water penetration and plaster falling from the bathroom ceiling have been apparent since she moved into the flat, but the problems have become progressively worse over the past few months.

The 53-year-old said she had contacted the company about the issue, but nothing relevant was being done.

Ms de Solla said a handy man was sent to her flat to reseal her bathroom, something she claims didn’t need doing and the time would’ve been better spent on the issues she originally brought up.

She was also told last year by a roofer that the roof of the flat needed totally replacing – but the landlord didn’t agree.

Adele told the Advertiser: “The whole situation has caused me so much distress because it can’t be good for my health with the dampness there all the time.

“My concern was that they would deny it, but the pictures show what condition the flat is in and it has been like that for a number of years.

“I kept being told that they would chase the issue up but I never heard anything back and I thought in the end that if I don’t let it go then I’m going to become psychologically ill.

“The conditions are a nightmare and I just want someone to acknowledge what the conditions are like and next to nothing is being done about it.”

Rentolease said: “I can confirm that Adele contacted us on November, 24 2020 through our website to report a repair this was re: water ingress to her bathroom. The roofer attended that week and the repair was completed.

“We have no note of the tenant reporting this again until Wednesday, June 23. Our team carry out full photographic inspection reports and on checking the report and the pictures taken, a plumber and roofer were both instructed on 23rd of June. The plumber was attending to reseal the bath and to check the gutter and downpipe for any signs of leaking which may be causing the water ingress. We called Adele to inform her that this would be happening however she was not available and a voicemail was left.

“The plumber arrived at the property on Friday 25th June and Adelle refused access he explained that he was there to reseal the bath and to investigate the water ingress however was not allowed entry.

“The roofer is unfortunately on annual leave and doesn’t return until this week however we have asked that he attend urgently when he is back at work.

“On checking the inventory of when Adelle moved in from 2016 and the inspection reports from 2017 and 2018 I can see that there was a historic water mark which had dried out and was not damp or wet.”

“We are sorry that Adelle has experienced these delays in getting the issue resolved and have sent her flowers to apologise.

“Rentolease pride ourselves on customer service and work hard at ensuring properties meet the repairing standards. Any repairs reported at the property have been actioned and we will continue to work with the tenant and contractors to rectify any repairs outstanding. Adelle is a long term tenant of Rentolease and we are sure to have all the issues resolved in the near future.

Since contacting the Advertiser, Ms de Solla has said Rentolease has sent a bouquet of flowers for the inconvenience, which she appreciates.