Police in South Ayrshire have been getting to grips with a new form of transportation with two quad bikes introduced to the region. 

After being launched in Rozelle Park in Ayr, the quads will now be shared between the police and South Ayrshire Council staff, to raise the visibility of patrols in local beauty spots, parks, and beaches to help crackdown on anti-social behaviour. 

The quads were spotted across Ayrshire yesterday with patrols taking place at Ayr, Prestwick and Troon beaches, as well as been seen coasting down Ayr High Street. 

The bikes are fully road legal and are also supported by a trailer to take them further afield. 

A police spokesperson said: "This week South Ayrshire Council and Police Scotland introduced two new quad bikes in the local area.

"The quad bikes will be used jointly by council staff and police officers to carry out patrols in parks, beaches, and other beauty spots and will give both organisations greater access to locations and will increase visibility and enforcement activity, impacting on anti-social behaviour, littering, general criminality and rural crime.

"Both quad bikes are fully road legal and will be supported by a trailer to allow their use across the area.

"The quad bikes, and some of the officers trained to use them, are pictured at the launch at Rozelle Park, Ayr with representatives from Police Scotland and South Ayrshire Council.

"After the launch event and given the good weather in the local area this week the quad bikes were put to work straight away with patrols of Ayr, Prestwick, and Troon beaches."