Two South Ayrshire School Pipe Bands have been involved in a charity single to mark the Waverley’s 75th anniversary.

Daniel Nicol and Fergus Goldie are involved in song for the Waverley, the last seagoing paddle steamer in the world, to mark her 75th anniversary.

The song, entitled A Diamond Waltz for Waverley was released on Friday June 11.

12-year-old Fergus has only recently been involved in piping, but his mum, Claire, said she and the rest of Fergus’ family could not be prouder.

She said: “We’re completely blown away that Fergus has been involved in this already because he’s not been involved in playing the pipes for that long.

“We owe a lot to Ross his teacher who put him forward for this, so we want him to know how grateful we are.

“The whole family are ecstatic for Fergus and we all got a wee bit emotional when we saw him playing for the video and any time her does play everyone will sit and listen and try and record some of it if they can because it does feel quite unique for someone this young to be doing so well”.

12-year-old Fergus says he just loves playing the bagpipes and he’s thrilled to be involved in this celebration.

He added: “It does feel really good to be involved in this because I haven’t been doing it for too long.

“I like it when I’m playing the bagpipes and I can see that people are enjoying it and want me to keep doing it, so hopefully I can keep doing it and play locally in the future”.

The song is available to download on all the usual platforms.