A CAR park operator is still wrongly fining motorists nearly two months after problems first emerged with their ticketing system.

Workflow Dynamics were made aware that visitors to the Boswell Car Park in Ayr town centre were being sent letters saying they had to pay up to £100 or face the bailiffs, despite the recipients having correctly paid for parking.

When the issue was raised back at the beginning of May the company apologised to those who had been fined and said the problem had been fixed, but that does not appear to be the case as yet another motorist has received a fine even though he had purchased a ticket.

Stephen McGhie used the car park on May 9, just four days after Workflow Dynamics said the problem had been solved, he said: “Yet again it appears they have a glitch, I have no idea whether other people have had the same fate, it’s just as well I keep hold of my tickets.

“I’ve got evidence that I paid but they’ve got nothing, so there must be something wrong with their system.

“If they’re dishing out £100 fines every time they get that they must be making an absolute fortune.”

“I imagine an old lady or a frail old man getting one of those through the post, I’d be furious.

"For me it’s not about the cost if I genuinely had parked where I shouldn’t have and didn’t pay, then fine, I don’t mind paying it."

Workflow Dynamics say they are looking into the issue ‘as a priority’.

David Peach the managing director said: "After the initial, isolated, IT issue was resolved we instituted additional checks on all notices being generated. These were above and beyond our already rigorous processes. Since then we have not identified any notices issued incorrectly.

"We conform fully to the sector Code of Practice and our processes are regularly audited.

"We are keen that anyone using the car park is comfortable with the systems in place and has an untroubled user experience.

"We take many calls from users where we advise them on how to pay for parking sessions.

"If anyone is unfortunate enough to receive a parking ticket they are treated fairly and equitably and our responses always aim to be sensitive to an individual users needs."

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