So far it has been a successful breeding season for Loch Doon’s resident Ospreys, Frankie and Angel, whose three chicks have all hatched from their eggs.

The first to break free from its shell did soon Monday, May 24.

The second followed just a day later making an appearance at some point in the night between May 25/26.

The final chick emerged on the night of May 27/28.

Angel and Frankie arrived at the nest near Loch Doon in March and quickly got down to business.

The chicks took just over a month to hatch, with Angel having laid the eggs between April 16 and the 22.

In the picture, a still taken from the observation cameras, if you look closely you can see Angel feeding her three chicks.

The birds can be watched on the screens at the Roundhouse Cafe at the top of Loch Doon.

Ospreys are thought to be monogamous and strongly attached to both mate and nest. Some use the same nests for up to 20 years.