AN ART exhibition made out of everyday recycled materials has opened in Ayr.

It is on display at the DOUGH art space on Sandgate in the town and has been created by artist Laura McGlinchey, who has been working on the exhibition for weeks.

Using a combination of natural ingredients like flour and water alongside things like shaving foam, washing up liquid, PVA glue and leftover paints, Laura explores chemical reactions to create colour, texture and pattern in her work.

She mixes these with leftover papers to create the stunning displays shown in the images.

The paper trail wasn’t always something Laura had thought about, but she knew art was the passion she wanted to explore.

She told the Advertiser: “I had always taken inspiration from the aesthetics from places that I work and visited, and eventually paper became the thing that I was mainly using.

“I started using paper because I wanted to make big paintings but painting materials can be really expensive.

“I’ve been using my own paint that I hope can become my visual language. I’ve always wanted to create pieces and painting that would allow people to stand inside them as well.”

After being commissioned to do a similar exhibition in Aberdeen last year before COVID struck, Laura is delighted that people will get to see and experience her work.

She added: “It’s really nice that people can actualy see the exhibition and experience it.

“I’m so grateful to Narture for the opportunity and the space I have is amazing because people can walk past and have a look in the big glass window before actually seeing the exhibition.

“It can be quite emotional seeing people taking it in. Even people who aren’t into art or don’t say complimentary things about it, it’s still nice to see them being able to discuss the area.

“It is a project that I’m very very proud of. I hope the content can help people and give them a break from the mundane day-to-day.

“I hope people can come and see it and really enjoy seeing it as well.”

The exhibition will be available until June 14. Find out more at