More electric car charging points were installed in South Ayrshire in 2020 than any other year according to latest figures.

Throughout the year, 67 ports were installed across the region as part of the Electric Vehicle Home Charge Scheme.

Overall, Scottish uptake for electric car home charging grants has fallen behind English regions, according to figures from the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles.

However, between the introduction of the scheme in 2014 and April 2021, a total of 230 charging devices have been installed across South Ayrshire.

The 2020 total was rise in introductions after a drop in 2019, following 46 ports being installed across South Ayrshire.

The 67 ports introduced in 2020 accounted for £27,950 worth of investment in the electric charging points in the region, on top of £19,500 being spent in 2019.

Overall, £116, 238 has been spent trying to make the area more eco-friendly since the scheme began with the introduction of the charging points.

In June 2019, South Ayrshire Council approved its first Sustainable Development and Climate Change Strategy which would drive delivery of the council’s climate change duties over the following four years.