Domestic abuse victims can find support in an Ayr bank.

The TSB branch in the town’s High Street is offering a safe space for women or men who are suffering at home. 

People can use a private room to make phone calls to a helpline, contact a support service or talk to a friend or family member. 

They can also speak to trained staff or get referred to the police. 

MP Allan Dorans met with Malcolm McAlpine from the bank to learn more about the move. 

Mr Dorans said: “As a former police inspector,  I have witnessed the devastating effects that domestic violence and other coercive behaviour has on women. 

“I am, therefore, hugely supportive of the TSB Safe Place initiative where customers and the general public experiencing domestic abuse, financial coercion, human trafficking, or other criminal activity may talk in private with trained TSB staff, seek help and have a referral made to the local police.”

TSB is the first high street bank to offer the Safe Spaces scheme from charity Hestia – joining thousand of pharmacies in providing the help. 

Carol Anderson, director of TSB’s branch network, said: “It’s clear during lockdown victims of domestic abuse have had fewer opportunities to seek help safely.

"For some, going into their local bank will be one of the few connections they have with the wider community and in partnership with Hestia we’ll be there to offer that support when they need it most.”