AN AYR woman is taking on a fundraising cycle in honour of her brother-in-law.

Natalie Fisher is facing the challenge for Shaun O’Hara after he was diagnosed with an incurable aggressive germ cell cancer in 2020.

The idea wa spart of a joint effort between Natalie and friends Sylvia Hewitson, Yvonne Hose, John and Cathie Bass. 

Shaun is at home having recently completed a course of palliative radiotherapy to the spine to relieve the spinal cord compression, and 15 weeks of intense chemotherapy.

As a result of this treatment, Shaun’s mobility has been affected, meaning it is often a struggle for him to carry out day-to-day tasks without assistance.

Natalie is aiming to raise money to alter Shaun’s house to give him some freedom and independence when he is at home.

She said: “Shaun and his family live in a two story house, so for the last few months Shaun’s been living in his conservatory because he can’t get upstairs.

“I want to try and raise some money so he can get up the stairs and he can get access to a shower, because he’s had to have bath chairs and stuff like that.

“He’s only 35, so I think he feels like he’s a bit young to have all this going on.

“So this would go towards trying to modernise his house, because he can’t even get out his front door without help, so it would help to give him a better standard of living in his own home.”

She added: “We didn’t actually tell him about the page initially and it was only about 10 minutes before it went up that I told them. He was in two minds about me putting it up. People were already getting in touch to ask how they could help, so it’s been amazing to see how people have kind of rallied together for this.

Natalie plans to take on the 80-mile of the distance from Ayr to the Beatson, where Shaun received care.

Shaun’s son and Natalie’s nephew, Riley, plans to join Natalie on the cycle, so a definitive route has yet to be planned.

Natalie added: “I’m hoping to do it over the course of a weekend in June.

“I’m hoping that once the cycle is done we can get cracking on getting the changes done as soon as possible, because he’s been living like this for too long as it is and it’s not fair on him”.

You can help the family here