Residents and visitors can now refresh themselves this Summer thanks to new top up taps that have been introduced.

Low Green Park in Ayr and Prestwick Beach are the latest locations to welcome a tap, allowing people to top up with great-tasting Scottish water and stay hydrated on the go.

A growing network of water-refill points are popping up all over Scotland as part of Scottish Water’s Your Water Your Life campaign.

The campaign is encouraging people to drink more tap water, carry a reusable water bottle when they’re out and about, and help reduce plastic waste.

Georgina Reid, Scottish Water’s corporate affairs regional manager in the West, said: “From colleges, parks, beaches and harbours to bustling town centres, we’re making great progress with new taps coming into play at a variety of locations across the west.

“We now have six top up taps operational across Ayrshire alone. It’s great to be able to offer people of all ages and interests access to fresh water when they’re out and about.

“It’s also great that they can play their

part in helping to reduce plastic waste by

sing a refillable water bottle.”

Other taps in Ayrshire can be found in Ayr’s Newmarket Street, Largs Main Street, Irvine Harbour, and outside Kilmarnock’s Ayrshire College campus.