AN AYR dessert shop has been nominated as one of the best takeaways in all of the UK.

What the Scoop has been shortlisted in the Scotland region section of the British Takeaway Awards (BTAs).

The BTAs, which champion independent takeaways are run in partnership with Just Eat and will be held in London in September.

The finalists, all in the running to win ‘Best Takeaway’ in one of the awards’ 12 regions, were confirmed on Thursday last week (May 27). They are also in with a chance to win one of the national awards including ‘Best Takeaway in Britain’.

What the Scoop director Haroon Ali expressed his joy at making the shortlist, saying: “[We] are delighted to be nominated and be in the Top 5 in Scotland of the most prestigious awards in the industry.

“It’s an amazing achievement for us in less than nine months of being open to be Top 5 of all of Scotland for the British Takeaway awards.

“We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all the people of Ayr and surrounding towns and villages for their love and support and using us for their desserts, burgers and milkshakes, it’s an honour to serve the community.”

Andrew Kenny, Just Eat managing director said: “Celebrating the fantastic local takeaways across the UK is particularly important this year after many turned to their local restaurants for a lift throughout the lockdowns.

“The UK has been voting in force and we can’t wait to honour the winners in September.”

The team at What the Scoop added: “ A lot of hard work behind the scenes by Sabiha the Operations Manager and the owner with her eye for detail and always providing fresh, quality & premium desserts along with all the staff whom made it possible. It’s not been easy but we have done it especially with the Director whom invested in an area where there was little investment but taking one of the most derelicts buildings to a success story in Wallacetown area.

“We are now recognized officially for something we worked so hard, Lot of hard work, sweat and tears and with a young child people really appreciate this small independent business and we hope to keep going strong. Maybe in near future you may see What The Scoop in your town or area as we will be looking to expand either on Franchise model or Joint Venture models as we see there is a room for expansion in the business.

“From all the staff, Sabiha and the director of the business we would like to thank everyone for your support, love and business we highly appreciate it. If we have let anyone down we also apologise as we are an extremely busy place but always aim to provide the freshest food using premium ingredients.”