Six more villages are set to get 20mph zones in South Ayrshire to clamp down on speeding. 

Minishant, Barrhill, Maidens, Dailly, Colmonell and Pinwherry will have the restrictions on many roads.

Ayrshire Roads Alliance teams have been told to start erecting new signs to slow drivers down. 

See below for the exact roads getting new traffic rules, which also include 30mph sections. 

South Ayrshire council leader Peter Henderson said: “This is what people have asked for. It will make the villages safer, nicer places to live and better for walkers and cyclists.”

The SNP councillor said it is hoped signs with the new speed restrictions would be up by June.

He said: “I put in a motion for this three and a half years ago. I am delighted it is going ahead.”

More than a dozen streets in Dailly will see 20mph limits – spanning across the whole village.

The council’s Leadership Panel received an update on the progress of the speed limit plans at its meeting this week (25 May).

The South Ayrshire Council Regulatory Panel had approved the Traffic Regulation Orders previously but the scheme has faced delays.

The 20mph limits have also been approved for roads in Straiton, Crosshill, Dundonald and Kirkmichael.

Speed limit changes coming to South Ayrshire villages: 


New 20mph speed limits on Main Street leading to Ardsheen Park, Wallace Terrace, part of Gowlands Terrace and a section of the B7027 Drimlamford. The existing part time 20mph in the vicinity of the school will be changed to at all times and extended to run through and beyond the village.

New 30mph speed limits on parts of the A714 Pinwherry Road, northwards for 160 metres, the A714 Newton Stewart Road, southwards for 197 metres, a 100 metre section of the C72 Gowlands Terrace beyond the proposed 20mph section and similarly on the B7027 Drumlamford for 70 metres.


New 20mph speed limits on the B734 Main Street and Rowantree Street, C45 Craigneil Road, Haddow Road and Kirkhill Crescent and change the existing part time 20mph in Hyslop Crescent and part of Main Street to a full time 20mph limit.

New 30mph speed limits on the B734 Rowantree Street, Craigneil Road and extend the existing 30mph north-eastwards on Main Street for a further 85 metres.


New 20mph speed limits on the B741 Bridge Street, C30 Eldinton Terrace, Hazelwood Avenue, Hadyard Terrace, Church Crescent, Woodside, Wood Street, West End, Bridge Street, Linfern Road, Greenhead Street, Back Road, The Loaning and Victory Crescent and extend the existing limit in Main Street by a further 485 metres.

New 30mph speed limits on the B741 Back Road and Bridge Street and the C30.


A new 20mph speed limit on the A719 Turnberry Road and Kirkoswald Road through the village.

The TRO would also introduce new 30mph speed limits on the A719 coming into the Maidens and on leaving the Maidens.


New 20mph speed limits on the C122 School Road, Nursery Square, St. Helen’s Crescent and The Beeches and to also include existing 20mph restrictions in Merrick Crescent, Monkwood Crescent and Mure Place in the same Traffic Regulation Order.


Introduce 20mph speed limits on the A714 Main Street and Barrhill Road.

New 30mph speed limits on the A714 Main Street and Barrhill Road and extend the existing restriction on the U52 Ligiartie (Muck Road).