A YARN shop in Prestwick has created a quirky new hat design featuring some of Ayrshire’s most recognisable landmarks.

Fankle Yarns has produced the model, which includes Burns Monument, Ailsa Craig, the Barony A Frame and Turnberry Lighthouse.

The design was created by the yarn supplier for Fankle Yarn, Wee County Yarns, after designing skyline concepts for the likes of Aberdeen and Edinburgh and thinking that a knit with landmarks across Ayrshire would capture the imagination.

Owner of Fankle Yarns, Kathleen Young, was only too happy to go along with the idea and get the design out there.

Kathleen told the Advertiser: “When our supplier came to me with the idea I was delighted to get involved. I know how much the people Ayrshire pride themselves on the places and landmarks, so I thought something like this would allow them to keep a piece of that wherever they go.

“It looks amazing, it’s very distinctive and it’s nice that there are specific parts of Ayrshire that are very recognisable.

“There are some really nice silhouettes in Ayrshire, so it’s nice to have the design of things that people know.”

The design is created as a pattern for people to purchase along with the yarn and and can be knitted in any colour they choose.

Kathleen says the idea might not be for a first-time knitter, but it is definitely something to work at.

She added: “It’s assuming some knowledge of knitting to be able to complete the design. You have to be able to work with standard colours and reading charts.

“I wouldn’t say it was something for beginners, but it could be something that someone starts out with along with a friend who is into knitting.”

The designs have been so popular that they have found their way across the Atlantic, with Kathleen sending designs across to expats in America.

Kathleen continued: “The design has been extremely popular and I’ve already sent a lot of them out to people in Washington and across the United States of people who want to hold on to a little bit of Ayrshire.”

The design can be purchased by searching for Fankle Yarns on Facebook or Instagram.