A WOMAN who launched a mental health calendar in memory of her sons’ father says she is determined not to let the spotlight on the issue fade away.

Chantal McFeely created a calendar and photo book in memory of her sons’ father in March after he lost his life just before Christmas following mental health issues.

All proceeds from both go directly to the Mental Health Foundation.

With the calendars selling out and the photo books becoming just as popular, Chantal is set on ensuring people can always talk about their feelings.

She told the Advertiser: “It’s always been about raising awareness for mental health issues, to prevent what happened to Robin from happening to anyone else.

“Because I like taking pictures as well and the seaside has always been something that has been extremely important to Robin and I through our time together.

“The calendars seemed to do really well but now I am hoping the photo book can be just as successful in raising funds for the Mental Health Foundation.

“Anyone I speak to, friends or family or anyone else seems to really enjoy the pictures that have been taken so I’m hoping that more and more people can benefit from this.

“I’m determined to make sure this isn’t the end of the journey and people can continue to reach out.”

Chantal has received huge support from Filippo Mancini from Mancini’s at the beach as he has been selling the calendars and photo books from his cafe in Prestwick, as well as supporting in the printing and creating of both.

Chantal says she will be eternally grateful for Filippo’s support.

She added: “I’ve been totally blown away by the support and generosity of Filippo.

“He could feel the passion for what I wanted to do and he wanted to be part of that and I really can’t thank him enough for that.”

Filippo was inspired to get involved in Chantal’s idea after realising during lockdown

what people had been going through.

He said: “What I have learned during the past year or so is how lonely some people can be.

“People would come into the cafe and say I was their lifeline, just by having a wee chat with them and asking them about everything.

“Seeing how people have suffered during this really taught me a lot about mental health and it made me want to help out with Chantal.”

Chantal’s photo books are still available for purchase at Mancini’s at the beach.