AN AWARD winning hair stylist has decided to go it alone and open her own salon in Ayr.

Samantha Tarana has been in the industry for more than 20 years, renting shop spaces and rooms off of various owners.

Now she has decided to take the plunge and go it alone.

Samantha won colour technician of the year at an award ceremony in Glasgow in 2019, just after she had initially decided to go self-employed.

The newly-established Samantha Tarana Hair & Beauty will take over the store that was occupied by Retreat Hair & Beauty salon on Carrick Street.

At the time of winning her award, Samantha was working in the shop on Carrick Street.

Now the owner is stepping away from the top role, with Samantha stepping up in her place.

Samantha told the Advertiser: “It is a very scary but exciting prospect starting your own business, especially during the time we are in just now.

“The shop will do a mixture of everything. I’ll be doing hair, but I’ve other girls

doing beauty and nails and things, so I’ve got loads of rooms that can be rented out as well, so I’m really hoping it takes off.”

Despite the situation over the past year with many small businesses struggling during the pandemic, Samantha is still confident now is the best time for her to follow her dreams.

“You’ve always got that tiny doubt in yourself, especially with everything that’s happened over the past


“I’ve always had loads of clients because I’ve been doing it for so long, so I’m really hoping I can take them with me and this new adventure will be a success.

“I think a lot of people are desperate to get back to normality so they are booking in and making appointments so the early signs are good.”

Hair salons have spoken out throughout the last year about being one of the hardest hit industries with restrictions, but the new hair boss says they can only look to the future now.

Samantha added: “Obviously I’m really hopeful we don’t go back into another lockdown.

“It could work, or it couldn’t work. I’m as well giving it a go and then if it doesn’t work then it’s at least something that I’ve tried.

“I do still panic a wee bit, but when I’m looking at my diary and I’ve got bookings for the next while, it does calm me down a bit, so here’s hoping it all goes well.”

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