Efforts to turn Troon into a cycle friendly town are gathering pace after a councillor landed new bike racks for different areas.

The town now boasts eight additional bike parking stands after SNP politician Craig Mackay asked for them to be installed. 

He is hoping the availability of the lock-up spaces will encourage people to jump on their bike to nip to the shop instead of getting into cars. 

Councillor Mackay noticed shops in residential areas in the seaside town had no cycle spaces.

He said: “Local small shops provide a vital role in everybody’s daily lives, but we see many people driving short distances to them to pick up small quantities of shopping. 

“They could easily do this by bicycle. As a healthier, environmentally beneficial alternative, cycling also relieves parking pressures in residential streets around these shops. Until now, the lack of secure parking has been a barrier to doing so.”

The eco-conscious dad-of-two who cycles to the shop is a keen supporter of parents opting for reusable nappies. 

He recently lodged a successful motion calling for the council to look at ways to encourage people to be more healthy and active. 

Councillor Mackay said: “I was able to secure agreement from Ayrshire Roads Alliance to install bike racks outside all the community shopping locations in Troon and Barassie, as well as two new town centre sites.

“I have already personally made use of the new racks. Together with a range of other improvements in the pipeline, including the new Loans to Troon active travel route, we are making steady progress in turning Troon into a cycle friendly town.”
New cycle racks in Troon: 
– Logan Drive (Spar)
– Dundonald Road (Co-op, Premier Store, Bikepost)
– Central Avenue (Keystore, Leon’s Fish & Chips, Panda House)
– Deveron Road (Keystore)
– Lang Road (DayToday)
– Burnfoot Avenue (Barassie Stores, Barassie Chippy)
– Troon Cross (outside Bank of Scotland)
– Ayr Street (near library / cafes)