The National Records of Scotland's weekly COVID deaths publication is out and it reveals that for the first time since September, in all three of the Ayrshire council areas, not a single person lost their life to the virus.

It covers the period May 3 to 9; the last time this occurred was the week beginning September 21, 2020.

As of May 9, 10,104 deaths have been registered in Scotland where COVID-19 was mentioned on the death certificate.

Nation-wide, only seven deaths were reported in the last week.

At council level, North Lanarkshire recorded two COVID-related deaths, and Angus, Glasgow City, Inverclyde, Midlothian, and South Lanarkshire all recorded one death.

86 per cent of deaths were people aged 75 and over, representing six deaths, and 14 per cent, representing one death, were under 65.

Five deaths occurred in hospitals, one death occurred in a care home, and one in a non-institutional setting such as at home.

Pete Whitehouse, Director of Statistical Services, said: “Every death from this virus represents loss and grief for families across Scotland.

“There were seven registered COVID-related deaths last week which is the lowest number since September 2020. Across Scotland there were no registered COVID-related deaths in 26 of the 32 Local Authority areas.

“The total deaths from all causes were 12% below the average level for this time of year, although last week included a public holiday and some death registration may have been delayed.”