The creator of a blog about dealing with grief says the support she has received has been life changing.

Gaby Williamson, 20, from Ayr created Let’s Blether last year during lockdown whilst she was going through dealing with her dad having terminal cancer. Sadly, Gaby’s dad, Kevin, passed away a short while after creating her blog, and her mum, Victoria, was also diagnosed with cancer.

Despite facing more challenges in a few months than a lot of people face in their life, Gaby insists the support she has received from across the country has helped her deal with her struggles.

She said: “The support has been overwhelming from right across the country. It was never about me looking for attention, it was all about spreading positivity and showing others that there are people in their situation. It really is amazing how far and how many people it has reached. I’ve had people from across Scotland and England getting in touch to share their stories.

“Being able to compare situations with other people has sort of come as a comfort because you can see that people are going through a similar thing.

Gaby, brother Findlay, 18, and her sister Poppy, 9, are dealing with the loss of their dad and their mum’s diagnosis in their own way. As her sister is so young, Gaby says she has found it harder to portray her feelings.

This has lead Gaby onto the idea of launching a Let’s Blether Box, which would be for younger people to get across how they are feeling, through things like emotion cards so they can let people know how they are feeling.

Gaby added: “I think this would be really important because I’ve seen how difficult it can be for my little sister to get her feelings across.

“I think campaigning and fundraising and getting these to primary kids who have lost a parent or relative will be extremely important for them”.

Gaby, who is is planning to meet with councillors and politicians to discuss her plan, added: “The last year has been difficult, but I want to do this in my dad’s legacy so that he knows my little sister is doing okay and I am helping as many people as possible”.