Installing CCTV cameras to catch flytippers and cracking down on illegal parking are just two of the measures being rolled out to improve lives in North Ayr. 

A list of actions to fix problems in the area have been laid out by South Ayrshire Council and the community. 

A draft ‘place plan’ has been produced for the ward after residents put forward ideas on how the streets can be spruced up. 

Bringing Whitletts Activity Centre all weather pitch back to use next year is one of the improvements being put forward.

There is a plan to send traffic wardens to areas where cars pull up illegally and to improve safety around schools during drop off. 

Other proposed actions include sorting out the use of bin stores and running a preventative dog fouling campaign. 

An audit of derelict land is also to be carried out to find ways to make spaces more attractive. 

Council leader Councillor Peter Henderson, (SNP) said: “The place plans are a different way of working. 

“You tell us what you want to do and what is important for Ayr North.“

The place plan said “some parts of Ayr North have faced significant social issues and increasing levels of deprivation in recent decades.”

Forty five per cent of people live in social or council housing and 10 per cent claim out of work benefit according to the plan.

Some work has already taken place in Wallacetown, including a deep clean of surfaces and underpasses.

It comes on top of other development coming in the future such as the £7.1million Craigie athletics arena.

The place plan has been prepared by the Ayr North community, South Ayrshire Council and other partners.

Final consultation on its contents is taking place with the community. 

The draft place plan was presented to councillors sitting on the council’s leadership panel on Tuesday (April 27).

A plan is also being created for Girvan.