A NEW food store has launched in Ayr, encouraging people not to waste food.

The Inconvenience Store has been created as a way to stop people from throwing away food and stopping it going to landfill.

The store is a project of the team from Unity Grill, also based in Ayr, and can be found on Newmarket Street.

People can go into the store and collect a bunch of food and they can then offer to pay whatever they can afford or think the food is worth to them. The store’s motto is “Take what you need, pay what you can”.

The team behind the idea are hoping that the store can stop as much food going to waste, and help producers feel like their work isn’t for nothing.

The Inconvenience Store founder, Angela Iver said: “If you look at a box of cake mix or something, there’s a lot of work that’s gone into making that, so it’s not just about the food waste side of things.

“Having said that, the amount of food that is wasted across Scotland and the world every year is just ludicrous.

“We’re hoping that we can highlight how much food is going to waste every year and taking up landfill space.

“With more people becoming environmentally aware, hopefully this will be a good way of opening up people’s eyes about this issue, whilst helping people out at the same time”.

The shop will stock foods that have been turned away by supermarkets for one reason or another. All food in the store will be in date and will be fresh to take away.

“We’re just one small shop in one small town in one small country, so it’s not even the tip of the iceberg, but hopefully it can be a start. It would be great for people to come in and see what food they can save from being wasted. We really feel like this can be beneficial in so many ways” Angela added.

The Inconvenience Store can be found on Facebook, for more information about what is on offer.