A WORKER from South Ayrshire Women’s Aid (SAWA) is holding online training sessions to highlight the signs of domestic abuse.

The sessions are aimed at professionals from the hair and beauty industry.

They come as part of the South Ayrshire Violence Against Partnership, which is a multi-agency working group aiming to raise awareness and try and prevent domestic abuse.

Sarah Millar, who has created the sessions, said: “My overall aim is to ensure professionals have tools to show people that there is an awareness of domestic abuse.

“The reason I targeted this industry is because they are in a powerful position with people booking appointments”.

The sessions might be taken into other professions. But Sarah says it’s vitally important that these sessions are beneficial.

She added: “These sessions can literally be the difference between life and death.

“They might not want to get the help but it’s about giving these people a chance to spot these signs. I want to get these sessions to as many people as possible.”

South Ayrshire Council is also involved in the partnership and a spokesperson said: “Raising awareness and helping hairdressers / beauticians spot and know the signs of domestic abuse is really beneficial.

“Giving the hairdresser the opportunity to be aware of signs and be able to signpost the victim may give them the confidence to get help.”

You can find out more about the sessions on the SAWA website and here.