Imagine stumbling across this beast whilst out on a walk along the seafront.

Probably better to encounter it on the sands rather than in the water in our opinion.

Gillian Lamont bumped into this jellyfish, which is believed to be a barrel jellyfish, the UK’s largest species, on Ayr Beach on Wednesday morning [April 21].

She said: “I’ve never seen a jellyfish that size before!

“And yes I agree, I wouldn’t want to be in the water with one of those bad boys!”

Barrel Jellyfish are usually spotted off the southern and western UK coats from late Spring until Autumn.

Their sting is not usually harmful to humans, say The Wildlife Trusts.

The jellyfish is the third creature to be spotted washed up on Ayrshire beaches recently, with a stranded octopus being placed back in the water in Irvine, and a dead pilot whale washing up near Ardrossan at the end of March.