Residents annoyed by noise from low-flying military aircraft around Prestwick Airport at night want more advanced notice of when to expect it. 

Prestwick pensioner Martin Dorans complained to the police about three Chinook helicopters hovering above the area up to 10.30pm recently.

He said there has been half a dozen incidents since January and a number of neighbours have expressed concern.

It is understood the helicopters were taking park in defence training operation Exercise Chameleon.

Martin, 68, said: “The three low flying Chinooks made a right racket. We are a mile from the airport – what must it be like for flats at Caledonian Road? 

“There has been loud noise into the evening and through the night. There isn’t a war going on at the moment so I don’t see this is necessary.”

The Prestwick South Community Council member added: “Obviously the children are back at school now.”

Martin said the activity has stopped for the past week, but he wants more information on when people can expect operations in the future.

The married father-of-one said: “We just want to know in advance if there is going to be noise. It would be nice to get a heads-up. There was no pre-warning for residents. At the end of the day we live here.”

A Ministry of Defence (MOD) spokesman said: “There was routine military day and night training involving helicopter and tactical air transport in various parts of the UK over until March 19, these essential operational training events being designed to ensure that a variety of armed forces personnel continue to be ready for global operations.”

The MOD says low flying and exercises in the UK are publicised on its social media channels.

More information is available here.