A group of campers have left an awful mess in the Carrick Hills after their weekend camp-out.

The group left behind empty bottles and cans, used toilet paper, and even a car exhaust.

Not only that, but they also cut down living gorse to use as firewood.

Ross Muir, a member of the South Ayrshire Cleanup Campaign, was out walking in the Carrick Hills and had a chat with one of the campers on Sunday morning (April 4) after seeing the amount of mess around their campsite.

The young lad he spoke with reassured Ross that they'd take all their mess home with them, but as Ross' pictures show, this promise was not kept.

After he had spoken with one of the campers, Ross noticed the sheer amount of rubbish dotted around the place and the hacked gorse and thought it best to call the police on 101. The police came down and the group were cleared from the site by Sunday afternoon.

Ayr Advertiser: Used toilet paper discarded amongst the gorse.Used toilet paper discarded amongst the gorse.

Ross went back up to the site yesterday and had this to say: "A wee wander up to their site this morning (Easter Monday) and, though looking “better” than it was yesterday, the place was still in a mess. Had to keep my dogs close to me due to all the broken glass lying around.

"Now deliberating whether to call 101 again!? Either way, it’ll probably be yours truly who will have to bag 'n' bin their crap (literally crap...). Silly season has begun!"

South Ayrshire Cleanup Campaign tweeted: "This isn't fair on the local landowner. If you can help us return this trash to the rightful owner do get in touch."

The situation led to Ayrshire's top cop, Chief Superintendent Faroque Hussain to slam the irresponsible behaviour.

He tweeted: "Very disappointing! We’re asking our fellow citizens to be respectful, be kind, be courteous and leave no trace behind of your visit. And please, use your common sense if you start a campfire."