Loch Doon welcomed some new arrivals last week as Frankie and Angel the ospreys returned to their nest for the new breeding season.

The birds, caught here on the cameras inside their eyrie were streamed at the Roundhouse Cafe on the banks of the loch.

Frankie was the first to arrive, flying in to the nest last Wednesday morning, before Angel joined later that afternoon.

The ospreys have returned to their nesting site from warmer climes, where they’ve been seeing out the winter.

Visitors to the Roundhouse Cafe can observe the couple from screens as they go about their business.

Ayr Advertiser: Ospreys at LochDoon

According to the RSPB female ospreys typically lay two or three eggs over the space of a few days in the second half of April and incubate them for 37 days per egg.

Ospreys are thought to be monogamous and strongly attached to both mate and nest. Some use the same nests for up to 20 years.