Ayr United Football Academy has received £70,000 of government funding which will see them deliver child care services to primary schools in Ayr.

Parents or guardians who work will now be able to leave their child at school until later in the day, and the child will take part in activities delivered by AUFA.

The programmes will be delivered at the three Ayr schools involved, which are Newton Primary, Dalmilling Primary and Braehead Primary.

The kids involved will also get a free place on the AUFA holiday programme, delivered at various points throughout the year.

Community Programmes Manager, Shaun Ferrie, said: “Hopefully this can be an extremely long lasting programme and help as many people as possible.

“We’ve always wanted to be close to schools and do what we can for schools, it’s always in the back of my head to do what we can.

“We wish we could deliver it to all schools in South Ayrshire, but it’s a government-led funding initiative and we are grateful for the funding we have been given.”

The football academy hope that the programme will be up and running after the Easter holidays.