South Ayrshire Lifeline has launched a new free digital support service for people in South Ayrshire.

If you are struggling to adjust to this new online world, then the lifeline team will be able to help thanks to their new project.

The aim of the service is to support anyone who is struggling to access content online.

It is hoped that the service will stop anyone from becoming detached from the online world and the working from home life that some of us now experience due to the pandemic.

The support helpline is now open for anyone who has a phone, computer or tablet and needs a helping hand to get set up, get connected and get online.

Sarah McWhirter, pictured, is the voice you will speak to when you access the service for support.

She said: “This project is something I’m passionate about, especially because I’ve had a lot of experience with my own family members needing digital help and I’ve seen first-hand how it’s helped their lives and built their independence back.

“I can’t assist with maintenance and repair but what I can do is help you set up your device from scratch – in simple steps without any computer jargon – and support you to connect to family, services, your community and so much more.”

Sarah added: “I’m here to help so If you’re not sure about something or you feel like you just don’t know what’s going on, just give me a call and together we’ll work through it.”

The South Ayrshire Lifeline Digital Support helpline is free and available to call Monday to Friday, from 9am to5pm. The number to call is 0800 432 0510.

The South Ayrshire lifeline team has helped numerous people and organisations across South Ayrshire throughout the last year, and they are urging anyone who still needs any kind of support to get in touch with them by phone or by going to their Facebook page at South Ayrshire Lifeline Support.