Ayrshire Sportsability is focusing on outdoor activities and will continue to alter their activities as restrictions allow.

The group help people with a disability get involved in sport and exercise.

Lockdown restrictions have meant that their activities haven’t been fully functioning for over a year.

However, they are looking at the latest easing of restrictions as a step forward and will be focusing on delivering the best outdoor activities they can.

The organisation’s walking groups have started, allowing people to safely mingle and catch up, whilst getting in some exercise.

Athletics groups will also be starting back, and the team will be looking at what other activities can be restarted. And chair of Ayrshire Sportsability, Dr Nicola Potts, says it’s even more important for disabled people to return to activities.

She said: “Disabled people have been disproportionately affected by the COVID restrictions.

“Some people were able to return to sport last year, but not all disabled people were and not all school sports were. It’s so important now to get people back active in a safe and helpful environment.”

The group also provided physical activity packs for all pupils in additional support needs schools so that they can stay active at home.

“Disabled people don’t always have the best access to online materials, having the actual physical activity pack can motivate them to be a bit more active,” Dr Nicola added.

During lockdown, Ayrshire Sportsability also donated money to families across Ayrshire to buy food during lockdown, thanks to grants from STV Appeal welfare fund.

Anyone interested in joining the walking group or finding out more information can do so via the Ayrshire Sportsability website or Facebook page.