An Alloway-based freelance journalist and aspiring producer has brought out his first EP after learning how to produce tracks and mix beats during lockdown.

Under the name ‘Supermann on da beat’, Sanjeev Mann has released ‘Kryponite’ which fuses the genres of rock and hip-hop to create five eclectic tunes which he describes as “something really different” and “not what people expect”.

Having taken inspiration from artists such as Kid Robotik, Sanjeev is now producing for other local rappers, too, and hopes the record will gain recognition on the Scottish music scene.

Sanjeev told the Advertiser: “I’ve always been really into hip hop but during lockdown I was really bored so I started looking into how you make beats and how you produce. I downloaded an app to help me learn, too, and ever since then I’ve been glued to it, doing it every day.

“I sent beats to rappers and straightaway they said they were good and that I might have a talent for it. I kept working at it and got to the stage where I produced something so I’ve put it out independently to see what happens.

“I think a lot of people ignore the local scene and most people have no idea there’s a hip hop scene in Scotland so I want to bring that out a bit more. People usually write off Scottish hip hop before they even try it because they’re not used to hearing the Scottish accent rapping. Once you get around that, you realise there’s a lot of talented people doing a lot of good stuff.”

Sanjeev continued: “I have a couple of EPs lined up this year but my main aim is to bring out an EP or album of all my beats with different rappers on them. To hear my beats live would be amazing, too.”

‘Kryptonite’ is available now on most streaming platforms.