A couple are furious with a Prestwick caravan park, who reportedly refuse to let them remove their holiday home... after the site owners had asked them to do so.

Ronnie Paterson, 66, and wife Christine, 63, say that Prestwick Holiday Park are insisting they pay a £700 ‘Disconnection Fee’ for their caravan before they’re allowed to take it away.

Ronnie says that assurances were made to the previous owners of the caravan, Christine’s parents, who purchased the Atlas Moonstone caravan four years ago, that the vehicle would be allowed to remain on site as long as it was ‘kept in good order’.

But there was no paperwork confirming this agreement.

After Christine’s parents died she and Ronnie took on ownership of the caravan, which involved paying annual site fees.

Despite the verbal agreement allegedly made with Christine’s parents, the Patersons received a letter at the end of November last year informing them they’d need to move the caravan from the site by February 28, 2021.

They disputed this at the time, but decided it would be easier to give in, sell the caravan, and purchase another one at a different site.

However, another obstacle was put in their path when Arthur McKay of Prestwick Holiday Park sent them a letter informing them there would be a £700 charge to do so.

“When the initial letter arrived and we read it we were totally shocked by its contents and Christine phoned McKay for an explanation and a copy of Prestwick Caravan Site terms and conditions. McKay informed Christine that there was no terms and conditions and he could give any caravan owner a three month notice to vacate their pitch on the site. Even a brand new caravan. His words to Christine re terms and conditions were ‘suck it and see’.”

After agreeing to trade in their caravan with another holiday park, representatives went to Prestwick holiday Park to collect it, but were told that it cannot be removed until the Paterson’s pay the £700 fee.

Ronnie added: “Our complaint is that McKay has told to us leave the site, therefore we have done as asked.”

Prestwick Holiday Park were contacted for comment but have not responded.