A SCHOOLBOY is set to walk the distance from Ayr to Great Ormand Street Hospital in London for charity after his five year old sister suffered an aneurysm.

Aaron Entwistle and his mum, Cheryl, are hoping to raise funds for research into the condition which has hit little Jessica, who has been back and forth to hospital since she was 18-months old, with and undiagnosed condition.

Last summer, the five-year-old temporarily lost her vision at her home, when she was taken to the hospital to have a scan.

It was then that they found out Jessica has an aneurysm.

Combining this with other episodes Jessica has had since she was a toddler, doctors were stumped at what was causing the youngster and her family so much distress.

Her case went out to the European paediatric society., where the top neurologists in Europe come together to discuss cases that are unusual.

Despite the various professional opinions, it is unknown whether Jessica’s disease is progressive.

Jessica’s regular doctor phones Cheryl for regular updates, and they are waiting to see if Jessica will need to be seen at GOSH, or if they can liaise with Glasgow’s Neurology Department.

She and her husband Thomas have been waiting for years to find out what is wrong with their little girl.

Cheryl told the Advertiser: “It was absolutely horrible to hear that she had an aneurysm and another anomaly

on her brain, because that’s the last thing that her dad and I expected them to say”

“Life is full of doctors appointments and phone calls and professors contacting you in the house.

“She has got progressively worse. She has a wheelchair but she isn’t bound to it.

“One of the fears for her dad and I is if she’s already had a bleed to the brain and had these multiple episodes over the month, could her body just keep producing these?”

Jessica’s older brother, Aaron suffers from autism and chronic anxiety, but his mum said that this challenge has given him some focus.

She added: “He’s so happy knowing what he’s doing.

“He wears his t-shirt with her on it and all he wants to do is make his little sister better.

“We’re all so proud of Aaron, for wanting to do this, and of Jessica for being so brave with everything she’s going through”.

The pair set an initial target of £4,111, since the distance to Great Ormand Street from their home was 411 miles. They have raised over £8,000 so far.

Cheryl added: “The amount we have raised so far is unbelievable”.