The rate of coronavirus transmission in South Ayrshire has dropped to levels not seen since the beginning of October.

The seven day rate of coronavirus cases per 100,000 population in South Ayrshire is currently 83.5. The last time a lower measure was recorded was more than four months ago, on October 10, when it was 79.

In total there were 94 new cases of the virus recorded in South Ayrshire from February 6-12, down from 124 the previous week according to the latest data from Public Health Scotland (PHS).

There are currently ten neighbourhoods (out of 25), that are categorised as having suppressed coronavirus cases, meaning they have had two or less cases recorded in the previous week.

None of the areas in South Ayrshire have been categorised in the two top tiers PHS uses for describing prevalence of the virus, with all other neighbourhoods in the 100-199 seven day rate per 100,000 population or the 50-99 bracket.

Data published by the National Records of Scotland last week shows that the number of people dying with the virus is also reducing,with four people having died in South Ayrshire where coronavirus was mentioned on the death certificate from February 1-7, which is down from 13 the previous week.

More than 1.2 million people in Scotland have now received their first dose of the vaccine and at least 14,000 have received a second.

The Scottish Government was targeting 100 per cent of all 70-79-year olds to be vaccinated by the end of yesterday.

The first minister said on Monday in a press briefing: “We are satisfied that we have met that target, everyone in these groups has been offered the vaccine...But as will be the case in any large scale system, we can’t rule out that some people might have slipped through the cracks.”

Later today Sturgeon will confirm if next week we will see the return of some students to schools across the country, as P1-P3 as well as nursery age children are planned to start attending in person from Monday, February 22.

There will also be a partial return for some senior secondary students, to allow them to complete work for national qualifications.

Only between 5 per cent and 8 per cent of a secondary school’s pupil roll will be able to be present at any one time.

Another measure was introduced this week, designed to combat the spread of COVID-19. As of Monday morning all international arrivals into Scotland will have to quarantine in a hotel for 10 days at an expense of £1,750, payable by the traveller.