An Ayrshire chef has teamed up with Scottish Autism for a virtual bake-a-long TONIGHT.

Alan Ferguson, who is head chef at Buzzworks Bakehouse in Prestwick, will utilise his expertise to lead the bake-a-long event which includes a step-by-step video tutorial to make a passion fruit tart.

The event is part of the charity’s winter connections project, encouraging the autistic community to stay connected through the winter months.

The online Passion Fruit Tart Bake-a-long takes place tonight, from 7pm on the Scottish Autism Facebook page, which you can find here.

It’s an event for all ages and abilities to take part individually or as a family, with all attendees encouraged to post pictures of their creations online and join the community conversation.

Alan, from Ayr, said: "Baking is bit of fun and a great way to take a break and destress, so we’ve become a nation of home bakers over the past year, trying our hand at breads and cakes.

"It’s a wonderful sensory experience with instant gratification as you can taste the labours of your work.

“I’m proud to work alongside Scottish Autism and help support their fantastic work with this virtual event".

Charlene Tait, Deputy CEO, Scottish Autism said: “We are delighted to have Alan, Head Pastry Chef at Buzzworks Holdings, to lead our Bake-a-long event.

“These events are aimed at bringing autistic people and their families together during this latest lockdown and supporting them to help minimise feelings of loneliness and isolation".

You can find more information and view the method and ingredients list in advance of the event here.