Dog owners in Ayrshire are being encouraged to join a new dog training group called Pup-demic.

Louise Boyle and Gemma Hodson started the group before Christmas as they noticed a lot of people were searching for advice for training new puppies and were getting no results.

The group was initially set up for a six-week period, but the massive response meant they continued to keep the group running.

The group has racked up around 1,500 members since being created.

Louise and Gemma both saw the same problems with dog owners, and they knew that their own experience could prove vital for so many people.

Louise said: “Our main point for the group was to ensure that the advice that people were getting was coming from dog trainers and trained practitioners.

“Myself and Gemma probably have around 30 years experience between us in working with dogs”.

Louise found that a sharp increase in puppies being bought, coupled with people gradually returning to work, meant that new dog owners were feeling overwhelmed by the responsibility of their new furry friend.

She added: “This has been going on since the first lockdown when there was a surge in puppies being bought and rescued.

“When people started to go back to work and they realised that things weren’t quite as rosey as they wanted.

“I had a conversation with a lady who was in tears because she didn’t know what she was doing, but we sorted her problem in a couple of minutes.

“These techniques and help can be the difference between a puppy staying in its home and losing its home.”

Louise is now urging anyone who needs help with their dog to get in touch with her through her Pitter Patters Paws Facebook page.