SCOTLAND’S last shark hunter has released a new book detailing his time spent in Somalia carrying out a research project.

Howard McCrindle, who is originally from Maidens but now resides in Alabama, spent time in the region during the 90s and his book aims to reveal the humanity present there. Whilst he was in the country Howard, a fisherman, kept a journal. He said he never had any intention of turning it into a book until a friend said it would make a good story.

The book is titled ‘Like Hawaii Without the People: A Story from Somalia’.

Howard said: “People have this notion of Somalia as a place where you absolutely do not go, that it’s all war and savages.

“My time out there was an absolute life changer. All you ever hear about Somalia is bad news, but it can be such a wonderful, peaceful place.”

His project in the area was to show how fishing could be improved and he tells of a people who were still fishing with fairly primitive equipment when he arrived to improve the infrastructure.

The book isn’t so much about the project though, the focus is on the people and the culture.

Howard said: “All I want to do is promote the area and let people know that Somalia isn’t all bad.”

Howard is best known as the last man to fish basking sharks in Scottish waters.

He was a fisherman from an early age, born into a fishing family in 1950, he was employed in the trade as a teen.

He has published one book previously, ‘The Last of the Shark Hunters: and other yarns’.