An ELDERLY couple in Rankinston are angry after being subjected to repeated disturbances by their neighbours since they moved into their four-in-a-block two months ago.

Mr and Mrs Graham, aged in their 70s, claim the neighbours have “terrorised” them since they moved into the flat above, creating “unbelievable” noise until the early hours of the morning and exuding questionable smells, resulting in vents having to be installed.

The couple have become so distressed that their grandchild says their mental and physical health has deteriorated drastically, so much so that the couple had to move in with extended family over Christmas.

Despite repeated complaints to East Ayrshire Council, the pensioners say little has been done to rectify the situation.

Mrs Graham said: “I’ve only had two hours sleep with them up and down, thumping and banging about. We had to get the police out on New Year’s morning but when they came, they went quiet.

“The council want us and the woman next door to move. She stays in her room all the time now, she’s devastated.

“We’ve stayed downstairs in a four-in-a-block like this for 20 odd years and never had any bother like this. The council say we’re just used to it being quiet, they are so much as calling us liars.”

The elderly pair say the neighbours have even accused them of bullying – despite not having had direct contact with them.

The couple’s granddaughter said: “Both my grandparents have chronic COPD and don’t keep very well. These neighbours have been been terrorising my grandparents ever since they moved in and they’re really scared. The stress nearly killed my gran.”

A council spokesperson said: “We have investigated and offered advice. Police Scotland confirm two calls have been made to them about noise and breach of coronavirus legislation. They were unable to corroborate the issues raised. Housing officials also attended but on arrival there was no noise.

“Mr and Mrs Graham have not been asked to move and the offer of temporary accommodation was discussed after the couple moved in with a family member, to alleviate tensions. In the absence of corroborating evidence we will continue to offer advice and support to everyone involved to find a resolution.”