AN AYR mum whose husband died from an aggressive cancer throughout the coronavirus pandemic has urged people to ‘stay at home’ on Hogmanay – as she fights her own brave battle.

Victoria Williamson lost her husband and Ayr businessman Kevin Williamson in June, he was just 49.

The mum-of-three who is receiving treatment from breast cancer is pleading with people to “think twice” about how they bring in 2021.

In a powerful message posted on social media the beauty salon owner told how the impact of stopping chemotherapy for her late husband due to COVID-19 allowed the cancer to take over.

Victoria has shared a photo taken at the beginning of lockdown of Kevin, and one taken a few days before Kevin passed away to show the impact lockdown had.

Kevin himself told how he feared he could become a victim of coronavirus without catching it in his own passionate message urging others to follow rules back in April.

Now his wife, who spent 28 years with her “soulmate” has pleaded with parents to do the right thing for New year.

She said: “I post these to show you what happens when, due to COVID, your treatment is stopped. The minute Kevin’s chemo stopped the cancer took over and we lost our battle.

“If covid hadn’t of {sic} happened we would have had a few more months with him, this makes us as a family so angry.

“So I urge people not to party with their friends to think twice about how you spend New Year this year.

“Surely, for one year we can forgo the parties for the sake of others.

“I plead with parents to do the right thing for one New Year please stay home, please don’t mix otherwise this will go on for many, many more months and years to come. We all want to see the end."

Victoria who is undergoing treatment for breast cancer is now classed as “vulnerable” as she encourages others to protect healthcare staff who were praised throughout 2020.

And she says one of the nurses who looks after her was unable to get her Christmas shopping in a supermarket due to it being too busy.

She added: “What’s happened to the message ‘Save the NHS’ have we all forgotten?

“One of the lovely nurses who takes care of me had to walk out of a supermarket recently because it became so busy it was unsafe for her to shop. She was so upset she hadn’t managed to get her Xmas food in.

“Have we forgotten about these key workers and the important jobs they do?”