POLICE in Ayr have vowed to step up patrols around the crumbling Station Hotel site after ‘extremely reckless’ actions of youngsters entering the building.

South Ayrshire’s Area Commander has promised additional security measures and surveillance in a bid to deter anyone who tries to enter the unsafe derelict Station Hotel.

It comes after a number of security breaches over recent months with an Urban Explorers group accessing the site of the once grand hotel to film the trail of destruction inside.

Teenage explorers, Reece and Alistair who call themselves Urbandoned, captured the shocking footage which showed the extent to the damage with water heard dripping throughout.

This and another incident of youths entering the building, has prompted police to step in.

Chief Inspector Brian Anderson, Area Commander at South Ayrshire said: “We have become aware of people, including a group of young people, entering the derelict site at the Station Hotel in Ayr in recent weeks.

“The building is unsafe and has been fenced off for a reason. Entering the premises for any reason is extremely reckless, dangerous, and does constitute a criminal offence.

“Any criminality associated with trespassing on the site will be investigated.

“Additional security measures, including the use of CCTV, and increased patrols will be in place to deter people from entering, and I would specifically ask that parents and carers remind young people that buildings such as this are fenced off for their own safety and that by gaining access they are putting themselves at risk.

Chief Inspector Anderson added: “ I know that the restrictions have an impact on the way we live our lives, however the site is dangerous and is not an outdoor place to gather.”

The Station Hotel was issued with a Dangerous Building Notice in 2018 after it was deemed unsafe.

Petitions have been launched to save the once proud building, but there have been fears it could collapse unless a solution is found.

In September this year a feasibility study asked the public to share their thoughts on what the future should hold for the hotel and the station area.