A SET of derelict buildings full of pigeons next to Ayr’s soon-to-be-opened primary school is causing concern among parents as the council vow to protect kids.

One worried parent fears the hub for the birds could be a health risk to kids attending Ayr Grammar Primary School when it opens as it backs onto the new playground.

The state of the art school will welcome pupils in January 2021 at the site of the old Ayr Academy building.

But the parent, who did not wished to be named, is still waiting on a reply from the school after voicing concerns back in August.

The buildings, which sit on Fort Street and South Harbour Street, back onto the new school.

The parent told the Advertiser: “I have had concerns about the building for a while, the new super school that is opening soon looks fantastic but every time I pass that building near to Dansarena I am worried.

“I have seen pigeons coming in and out and I suspect that there will also be rats with it being so close to the harbour.

“I have written to the school twice as I just want reassurance over this problem building next door. Other parents are worried too.”

In a letter to the school, the parent referred to deaths of two people at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Glasgow in January 2019. They caught an airborne fungal infection and died, with the cause of the infection typically found in pigeon droppings.

A council spokesperson said: “The council had previously sought to acquire the buildings adjacent to the school to improve the area, but the current owner has turned down our offers and therefore we had to pursue other options. We have erected a close boarded fence to segregate the building from the school grounds to minimise any safety concerns.”