ONE of Ayr’s oldest residents reached the grand old age of 102 last week, with her daughter sending a piper to play in the gardens of a care home.

Elizabeth (Betty) Shedden hit the milestone birthday with a celebration organised at Carrick House by staff and her only child, who is 78 and lives in Jersey.

Ayr Advertiser:

Daughter Liz has not been able to see her mum at all this year due to the coronavirus pandemic and, incredibly, Betty is a new resident to the Ayr accommodation having only left her Troon home two months ago.

Betty, who says she looks “at least 85”, was showered with gifts on the big day, Monday November 23 as Carrick House threw her a party.

Outside, the piper played some classic Scottish favourites enjoyed by Betty and her fellow residents.

Betty told the Advertiser: “The piper who played some of my favourite songs and I found out that they were also favourites of my new friends I’ve made since coming into Carrick House. They also loved them.

“I had a beautiful birthday cake and I thoroughly enjoyed my party. That was the first birthday party I had ever had in my life and I loved every minute of it. I was given so many compliments about not looking a day over 50.”

Ayr Advertiser:

Betty was brought up in Troon. where she stayed up until this year. She had one daughter Liz and is now a great great grandmother, with two grandchildren and six great great grandchildren with some of those living all the way in France.

She married Billy Shedden, who worked as a woodwork and technical drawing teacher at Marr College.

Betty spent time as a receptionist at a doctors surgery in Troon and was a keen baker.

Liz believes her mum’s determination to live on long after her beloved husband passed has kept Betty going.

Liz said: “My mum has shown pure determination to live on.

“After dad died, she was still living in Eglington Crescent (Troon), but she wasn’t going to let anything get her down.

“They were married a long, long time, he was in the Navy, but they met before that.

“Her hearing is gone, her eyesight is gone but there is nothing wrong with her tongue.”

Liz is hoping to travel up to see her mum, who she hasn’t seen since her 100th birthday, as soon as it is safe to do so.

Betty added: “I’m sure I look at least 85. I received some beautiful presents and cards and I appreciate every single one. I loved reading my cards and your lovely words that you took the time to write. I am looking forward to my 103rd birthday now. Love to all in these difficult times.”